Recently, I had become fascinated with the idea of starvation and poverty due to my reading of Islam philosophy behind Ramadan. During that fateful Ramadan in 2018, I had the rare opportunity to salvage and re-design Khalid Mosque (in the space of 2 weeks). With the body weakened, one rediscovers his mortality, his temporality, and then his inherent spirituality.

KLM View 2.jpg

“I realized that I was looking at the living survivor of traditional Egyptian architecture, at a way of building that was a natural growth in the landscape, as much a part of it as the dom-palm tree of the district. It was like a vision of architecture before the Fall: before money, industry, greed and snobbery had severed architecture from its true roots in nature.” Hassan Fathy, Architecture for the Poor.

KLM View 1.jpg